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The artist’s evolution toward the anthropological thing in His exhibition “Androginia”, up to this 24 in the Colombo-American of the center of Bogotá.
After His presentation in the Gallery Iriarte at the beginning of 1992, in something but of four years, Lucas Posada’s work demonstrates a consistent evolution and achieved in its current exhibition. The good one numbers of gathered paintings it confirms the consecration from the artist to His work and the clearings anthropological and historical interests - in those that converge the pictorial thing with the symbolic thing and the mythical thing - that motivate it.
Androginia is the title of this sample that presents a group of fourteen Ángeles of the same format, from angel custodian, with you fill them characteristic of its previous squares, until Miguel a perfectly blocked angel and intoned in white, as much for the bottom as for the character. Invention figures but near to the tremendous winged heroes of klee of 1905, that to the traditional Ángeles.
To this group that for if alone it constitutes an exhibition, they are added several other canvases, among those that stand out: Apocalypse, an enormous angel whose head is a skull and that it exhibits big nails in the area of the lifted hands; another time with some reference to klee, in this case to its Ángeles associated with the death; Narcissus, a wound in a ball figure, see from above of back and of the one that we know its face distorted in a small mirror; I Scream, an immense skull with the expression of a pain lancinante; Monk kogui, a phallus character, raised in a schematic landscape; according to Riverside - Mayan sacrifice, an extensive mutilated body, again with skull head; an intense texturized representation that seems to twinkle on a black bottom, for alone to mention some few ones.
As it is easy to conclude, Lucas Posada’s production is dense and deep; he approaches to momentous reasons and it pokes in old myths to be filled of humanisms.
German Rubiano Caballero




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