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- the path to awareness-



Within me, lies a deep epistemological and metaphysical obsession to understand who I am. Along the way in that search, I managed to taste realities that surpass and transcend the ordinary experience of a mask erected under a skin and a body, an identity and an ego. Poetry, painting and sculpture have allowed me to speculate and share what has become present in my reflections of being. After more than 30 years involved in the craft with my hands in the mud and the pigment, I stand before a simple truth ... I am still painting and unveiling the same picture and vessel.  My job descriptionin which eyst chronological order,–in which eyst chronological order,–: quest for consciousness metaphors. Amongst the five stations that I have visited, each lasting around seven years, lies in first chronological order, the Gestalt period. During these initial years of discovery and speculation I reflected upon perception and how the image is built in our minds with only minimum evidence.  The next period, Coincidentia Oppositorum or the dialectic of opposites came along my visits to the lands and thought of Mircea Eliade, where I found the expression and validity of the coexistence of polar tensions of reality. This experience necessarily led to the period of Reenchantment, which manifested unequivocal connection of life and consciousness present in everything.  Then came the Zeitgeist period with a glimpse to the fractal dimension of reality, where I travelled the path of the spiral and the stupa (3D spiral), present in the construction of life and consciousness. During the last four years I have found myself crossing the threshold to a new period, Esse et non Esse (To Be and not To Be).  In this period the understanding that reality not only incorporates the coexistence of opposites but also a multilevel arrangement of variables that need to be placed in context, is explicit.

The Aristotelian-Cartesian positivistic Western paradigm under which we live, has rewarded and given validity to cultivate and display the contents of the left hemisphere of the brain in the individual, and has undermined the winks of the right hemisphere.  I find myself trying to generate metaphors that will allow us understand the importance of placing events in context, providing a  us with tools and more accurate information at the moment of evaluating reality, and building bridges between seemingly disconnected universes.





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