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E S S E     E T   N O N     E S S E                            




ESSE ET NON ESSE, -To Be and not To Be- belongs to a Lucas Posada artistic research period, given as an expression of a long search for metaphors to the phenomenon of consciousness.
Under probabilistic laws of quantum physics, at an atomic level, reality behaves simultaneously as wave and particle and various expressions as such.  When the observer, or consciousness appears to be involved in cognition of reality, the quantum system is altered.  The measurement or the intervention of consciousness leads to the superposition of quantum states of the system to collapse. At that instant the particle stops behaving as energy and matter at the same time, to manifest in one direction. It is there when the quantum universe of apparent chaos collapses to offer an image that fits our expectations that are bound by Newtonian laws of behavior of reality.
We are the reality of our model of knowledge or epistemology, and farther more, that vision ends up transforming our reality as we know it.
The spiral as a symbol is an element that facilitates the understanding of progression of time, the path of any process, as well as the development path of consciousness. The spiral in space generates a ´stupa´ figure. The point of connection among the stupa and its reflection tells us about the moment the process of active consciousness transforms the quantum reality to become the reality of our expectations.
The stupas and their reflections make use of mathematical concepts such as the Fibonacci progression series expressed as an irrational number F (phi) known as the number of divine proportion, that reflects upon a common process growth rate given in nature. This irrational number allows us to peak into the world of the infinitesimal quantum.
Multiple visions and cultures of the world share the understanding of -being and not being- at the same time, reality that directly collides with the aristotelian principle of non-contradiction, pillar of our western vision of being. ESSE ET NON ESSE allows us to reflect upon the way we understand ourselves to be and stroll the geography of our not being.






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