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In the limits of the reflection


Lucas Posada exhibits in the MAC and in the Chamber of Commerce

Screams, maximum expression of happiness, of sadness, of euphoria or fear. The screams of Lucas Posada, expressionists and full with color, they are not, according to the artist, of pain but the human being maximum manifestation. For Inn, a plastic artist with psychologist’s formation (Jungian), the man’s essence is in the common archetypes in many cultures. And interior of constant and opposed elements worries him. Those that take to the essence.
The painting of Inn, of which there is a great sample in the Contemporary and simultaneously other Museum of Art in the Chamber of Commerce, travels to the man of the indigenous iconography and you limit them for irreconcilable occident: life-death, man-woman, euphoria-pain. In Reflection an installation, of the Ángeles and the faces show intermediate services, not alone for His androgenia but for existential states that you/they understand the opposed ones.
A work that embraces ten years of work shows as the existential restlessness they can transform in plastic. “My work ends alone as well as in each culture there are moments of union with the universe: for some, the meditation, the sentence; for other for my, this process is made with a paintbrush in the hand.” That communion with the environment and the painting takes to that the thematic of Inn this necessarily related with a sublime experience.
besides the painting, in Reflections: installation is several sculptures. The negotiation table and the necklace bomb are two allusions to recent, literal, but necessary facts, the artist affirms, although I/you/he is not to make one you/he criticizes to the violence in Colombia but of to recapture situations and to show them from the interior.
Other sculptures that are in the first floor of the MAC are related with the first stage of His work although these they are recent. They are faces that melt among if, some three-dimensional ones (in the sculpture), others that are part of the environment. The changes of language of the different times don’t necessarily mean evolution or involution, because, in certain sense, the work is no-temporal. There are searches that the artist thinks about; discoveries that he makes in the techniques, very influenced by the abstract expressionism.
Of the painting of Inn they have spoken to Sofía Imber, German Rubiano and María Clara Martínez. Nevertheless, this there to be seen and that is what interests the artist: “That a boy comes with his mother and he speaks to him of what you go while she sees something completely different. Finally, the art is reflective of what each one takes inside.” With those, Lukas concludes and he leaves the space so that the visitors enter, look, be reflected and enjoy the space of the MAC.
Museum of Art Contemporary Carrera 74 No. 82A-81. Telephone 252 5890, and Chamber of Commerce, north headquarters.




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