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Abstract - Figurative Art


Lucas Posada - 1963 - it is a young artists of this sample. His first individual exhibition dates of 1992 and from then on its work has been presented in different national and international scenarios. Roused by the history of the art, the painter constantly takes advantage of it, not alone because frequently he mentions to San Agustín’s before Columbus art, if not for that many squares seemingly remember the “action painting” of Pollock and other North Americans of the Abstract Expressionism. But Inn also part of complete representations of famous works of José of Riverside, Rodin and Schiele, among others. Of the first one, the famous Españoleto of the XVII century, made a very good interpretation in 1995: a great figure colored yaciente to the acrylic one in an enormous canvas of two meters of high for near five extension meters. Of this year it is “The scream” that here is included, an acrylic one based on Michelangelo’s admirable drawing: “Damnata Encourages” of 1522. A painting that insists, of agreement with Sofía Imber, in the “integration “Gestalt” of color” that makes the form - according to words of the Venezuelan - he moves...... and become force, expression and energy.
German Rubiano Caballero




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