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LUCAS POSADA, What continues


Be for rebelliousness or for very varied interests, this man from Bogotá of 28 years not does not “marries” with anything.
He studied business administration in Los Andes and, together with the statistics, the calculations, the managerial game, anthropology, political sciences and other social matters, and before putting on the tie and to lock in an office he preferred to travel a little.
He lived six years in a kibutz in Israel, where he learned something of hydroponics and then he was devoted, with haversack to the shoulder, to travel for all the indigenous communities of the country with ends more or less sociological.
But as he cannot stay in the same thing for a lot of time, “he landed” in the Ministry of Agriculture to develop a plan of handmade fishing.
There the only thing that “he fished” were some irresistible desires of studying cinema. With all his savings he left for New York. But there he finished changing the camera for the canvas, the paintbrushes and the painting. Question of economy.
And for very exciting that was him the art, mainly after visiting the Museum of Modern Art of the “great apple”, He did not stop to rush to make a specialization in psychology.
Now, in Amherst (Massachussets), where he has lived for two years, he distributes his time among the patients, his art and his students. It is that he also gives classes of Spanish.
And as if it was little, he has enough time to go to cinema and concerts, to navigate from time to time, to play tennis, to write poetry, to read philosophical treaties - anything of best-séller - and to listen merengues, boleros and Serrat.
And although the art is his great passion, there neither there is anything that ties him. His studies have made him beside artists for that the shops and schools limit his space. It is very wide when of putting on makeup it tries. He doesn’t register in particular in any movement neither tendency. It interests him the movement and the color and envelope his work.
That is the proposal that Lucas Posada brings. His work is in the Gallery Iriarte.




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